older dogs benji and sophie
.... can learn new tricks .... and remember a few old ones as well! ....

We’ve found that there’s nothing like the arrival of a new puppy in the house hold to “zap” new life into an older dog! It seems to bring out all the “Grandfather / Grandmother” instincts in them. Be aware, however, that the much loved old family friend who appears to be quite happy to have its ears and tail chewed, will - sooner or later - issue a very stern warning to the youngster. Be aware also, that by simply “rolling over for more”, the older and generally bigger dog - could cause serious injury to the puppy.

So, having said that, here’s how we do it.

  • Sit on a comfortable chair, with the puppy on your lap, at such a height, that the “older”dog doesn’t have to jump up to reach it.
  • Allow the older dog into the room and make a fuss of it - bearing in mind that you have a young puppy on your lap!
  • Let the older dog sniff, lick the puppy, and generally explore and get to know it.
  • For the first meeting, 2 - 3 minutes is more than enough for both of them.
  • Remove the puppy from the room - and return to make a fuss of the older dog.
  • On the second or third meeting, if all seems safe, allow the puppy onto the floor, and watch carefully - 3 to 4 minutes maximum -  then remove the puppy, and then return to make a fuss of, and reassure the older dog - very important.
  • Repeat this, at least twice daily, preferably after the older dog has been fed.
     No - it won’t eat the puppy - it’ll just feel rather more secure and comfortable!
  • If the older dog should happen to walk into the area where the puppy-pen is, don’t send it away - it’s only trying to be “friends”.
  • Welcome it - and encourage it - it’s exactly what you want to happen.

Just in passing ..... sadly .....
A new puppy cannot revive an old, unfit, and dying dog. Have a little respect for your “old  friend”- let it see out its time in peace. Then - when it feels “right” - start again.

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