<TITLE>Summersbrook Labradors - Home Page on labrador care, choosing a puppy, lost your dog,</TITLE> <H3>All you need to know about labradors and labrador breeders from buying a puppy or looking for a stud dog, to puppy care and training from house training to choosing a vet, lost you dog,</H3> Hi, and thanks for visiting our site. We are small family breeders living in UK who breed labradors mainly for showing. Our site contains information on what to look for not only in the puppy but in the breeder, every thing from choosing a puppy to puppy care with hints and tips on first aid, lost your dog?, dog showing, puppy diet, socialising and training, labrador conformation,in the car, at stud. In order to view this framed site you need to upgrade your browser <P>This can easily be done by visiting either Microsoft<A HREF="http://www.microsoft.com"> or Netscape<A HREF="http://www.netscape.com"> Its usually free and well worth it