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summersbrook labradors - home page  black lab

Welcome to Summersbrook Gundog Training in East Sussex

Thinking of buying one?

(Yes - they do come “all dressed in black” - and “chocolate coated” as well!)

Before you get your money out, you need to do some homework, both for your sake and the puppy.
We’re going to assume that you’ve never owned a dog before and don’t know quite where to begin.
Just follow the menu on the left from  Buying-One-18 through to  Puppy-Care-18
Please - don’t think we’re talking down to you.
Our advice is based on our own experience, and that of other breeders - about 300 years between us.

Thinking of Gundog Training for your Labrador or Spaniel?
After a few years of sitting around show rings, I became rather tired of watching dogs parade. 
I decided to try training one of my dogs to the gun - found a trainer - and have never looked back.
It was fun - out in the fresh air - made us think - and gave us great satisfaction - when we got it right. 
I became very definitely hooked, and as our mutual training progressed, I compiled my own set of notes.
I then began running my own training courses and - eventually - wrote my own training handbook.

    It was o
    riginally produced as a hard backed loose leaf folder - solely for the use of my trainees.
    It’s now available as a 100 page download - compatible with any PC, Mac, iPhones and tablets.
    It’s totally impracticable to cover every combination of gundog handling situations in just one book
    It covers what you need to know about how to train your dog to enter Novice Gundog competitions.
    It covers what you need to know - practically - before taking your dog - either beating or picking up.
    Speaking honestly, to have any success with your dog, you need to attend regular training classes.

    For full details of our training sessions, both 1-2-1 and group, see  Gundog-Training-18

    If you have any questions.............  Contact-us-18 .....................maybe we can help.
    (If we don’t know the answer - we probably know somebody - who’ll know somebody - who does.)